Coworking or shared workspace facilities are a fast-growing trend in the United States for good reason. Coworking offers a vibrant and productive shared working environment for work-from-home professionals, creatives, start-ups, independent contractors, and other freelancers who want to avoid the isolation and distractions often associated with working from home. Take a look below at some of the ways freelancers benefit from an office-sharing coworking arrangement.


Increased productivity

In a coworking space, freelancers aren’t distracted by household chores or interruptions. Members report increased productivity after moving from a home office to a coworking space. Without outside factors interfering, freelancers are able to take advantage of the structure and community provided in a coworking environment while also maintaining the freedom to control their own workload.


Community environment

The social component involved in a coworking community is extremely beneficial. Working from home has its pros, but having the choice to grab a coffee or enjoy your lunch break with a coworker can break up the heavy workflow and nurture a more positive workplace attitude. Some coworkers even carpool, host mixers, and participate collaboratively in work ventures. Coworking gives freelancers quality social interaction that can boost morale and energy during the work day.


Networking opportunities

Networking and collaboration are important aspects of successful freelancing, no matter what industry you’re in. Working from home limits your ability to create professional contacts or share your ideas with others, while a shared workspace fosters interactions with co-workers and promotes the growth of your business.


Work-life balance

Most freelancers who work from home have a difficult time getting off the clock. There’s always work to be done, and you’re never far from your desk. In a shared workspace it’s easier to define the beginning and end of a work day. Having your workspace outside of your home can offer a higher focus on time and increased productivity. It can also help you get into the habit of leaving your work at the office so you can relax more easily once you’re home.


Reliable Internet connection

If you’ve had to move your household anytime in the last couple of decades, you know how disruptive it can be to be without the Internet for a couple of days.  But when your freelance business relies on that Internet connection, the stress of such a disruption is tenfold. The fast and reliable Internet connectivity provided in a coworking space can help you continue to accomplish all your online business regardless of what’s happening at home.


Facility amenities

Freelancers often need access to conference room space where they can hold meetings or conference calls with clients. A coworking space provides meeting rooms, attractive office facilities, and a professional address so freelance workers can avoid the din of the local coffee shop and conduct their business in a professional environment.


Financial benefits

The variety of flexible options available makes coworking a cost-efficient option for running a freelance business. Additionally, the networking and collaborative opportunities, attractive environment, and professional presentation of a coworking space can lead to higher quality clients, a better reputation, and ultimately, a bigger paycheck.


Find the workspace you need in Escondido

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