Self-employment and entrepreneur opportunities are on the rise, but working from home doesn’t work for everyone. Distractions, isolation, and motivational struggles can lead to loss of productivity, and sometimes a home office isn’t quite the professional look an entrepreneur desires. For these reasons, many people opt to join coworking communities.

Unlike traditional office spaces, coworking spaces are occupied by a wide variety of professionals from different industries in a communal, collaborative setting. If you’re an entrepreneur who likes the flexibility of working from home but not the downsides of combining your living and working spaces, here’s why joining a coworking community might be ideal:

Coworking spaces offer a professional appearance

Even if you could work just as hard at your dining room table as you would at an office desk, there are benefits to offering potential clients and customers the appearance of an actual office. Coworking spaces offer a professional address for mailing purposes and meetings, and some even include a receptionist in the front to handle visitors and calls. Whether you already have a few employees or you’re still going it alone, the appearance of success and seriousness is half the battle when trying to build your client list. In fact, a significant number of million-dollar startups started out in coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are cost-effective

Your long-term entrepreneurial plans might include overseeing a large company with several employees, but in the meantime keeping a low overhead is important. Signing a five-year lease on office space, purchasing all the necessary furniture and equipment, and paying for rent, utilities, and other expenses each month can be a drag on your growing bottom line. Coworking spaces are offered on a month-to-month basis, much like a club membership, and you can add new memberships as you add employees. Some coworking spaces are even offered on a weekly, hourly, or pay-as-you-go basis, which is ideal for professionals who don’t require office time five days a week, like photographers or caterers.

Coworking spaces feature all-inclusive amenities

Most coworking spaces offer more than just a desk (or private office, offered with premium packages) and paid utilities. They also typically offer high-speed Internet, kitchen facilities, cleaning services, access to printers, scanners, and copiers, and sometimes even free coffee and tea to keep you energized throughout the long workday. As an added bonus, many include access to a conference room private or large meetings (usually available on a reservation basis), which is ideal for meeting clients if your workspace is in a communal area. See our conference space for rent in Escondido

Coworking spaces offer networking and collaboration opportunities

Some people love the solitude of working from home, but many entrepreneurs find the isolation to be an unfortunate downside of home offices. Coworking spaces offer the social interaction and communal feeling of a traditional office space, plus the added benefit of opportunities for networking and collaboration. Professionals offering business services such as bookkeeping, marketing, content creation, or videography could be a couple of desks away. Plus, mingling with various professionals during the day is a great way to create positive word of mouth for your growing business without relying entirely on expensive marketing efforts.

Is coworking right for you?

Coworking communities have many advantages over home offices or other flexible arrangements like working from a library or coffee shop, and most offer packages with varying levels of privacy. If your business requires privacy during phone conversations or regular client meetings, for example, you may be able to opt for private office space within a coworking community.

At Synergy Centre CoWorks in Escondido, we offer a range of flexible workspaces and top-notch amenities that can help you run your business successfully and efficiently. We’re located in the heart of North County with several local businesses, restaurants, coffeehouses, breweries and more within walking distance—perfect for happy hour with your new coworking colleagues. Give us a call at (760) 781-1393 to schedule at tour.