Starting a new business is a time-consuming, detail-driven endeavor that isn’t for the faint of heart. Still, the entrepreneurial spirit burns bright in the US, with over half a million new small businesses launching every month. After crafting a business plan and securing financing, finding office space is near the top of a new business owner’s to-do list, but traditional office leases are not for everyone. In fact, they can introduce unique stresses into an already-stressful business launch, which is why alternative office models are becoming so popular.

Serviced offices, which offer fully furnished and equipped office space and flexible lease plans, are a popular option. As with many new innovations in the sharing economy, serviced offices have their pros and cons, but they are uniquely suited to entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as freelancers and telecommuters. Here are some of the benefits of a serviced office:

Short-term lease plans

Most leases for office space require a minimum one-year commitment, while some require five years or more. Long-term commitments can put serious strain on a new business, but serviced office spaces offer flexible leases on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis. That means your business can expand on your own timetable, and you never pay for space you don’t need. It also allows business owners to sample different office locations or different cities until finding the one that works best.

Low overhead costs

Not only does an expensive traditional lease put a strain on the budget, but you also have to add in the cost of furnishings, equipment, and the set-up of services like phone and internet. Serviced offices come fully furnished and equipped, giving new businesses some breathing room in their budget, and allowing them to hit the ground running.

Flexible amenities

If you need a conference room once a month, or once a year, it doesn’t make sense to lease office space with so much extra square footage. Serviced offices usually offer additional facilities like conference rooms, event spaces, and other amenities on a pay-per-use basis, plus access to teleconferencing equipment, specialized printers, recording and photography studios, and more.

Maintenance and administrative services 

Leaky ceilings and clogged restrooms are unfortunate facts of life, and traditional office leases typically require the occupying business to handle maintenance on their own. Serviced offices take care of all maintenance needs, and many also offer administrative services, often including a receptionist to greet clients and direct calls.

Positive perception

As “new kid on the block,” many new businesses have to fight to be taken seriously. Serviced offices offer a professional setting that will impress new clients and make the competition take notice. Plus, having access to the latest equipment and technology allows small businesses to compete in the market along with major companies, which can be much more difficult to achieve when saddled with  the burden of high overhead costs associated with traditional office leases.

Networking opportunities

Keeping overhead low and brand perception high are crucial for new businesses, but one of the most overlooked benefits of serviced offices is the opportunity to network with other tenants. While traditional office spaces are closed off from other companies in the building, serviced offices encourage networking between the various businesses sharing the space. The possibilities for collaboration are endless, giving new businesses another added boost to help them succeed.

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