Meet Michiko Araki Kelley!

In honor of Mother’s Day Synergy Center Coworks is interviewing a very inspiring guest!

Join us as we talk with Michiko Araki Kelley about how she inspires working parents in her company and empowers others through her career!

Michiko is an accomplished and multi-lingual marketing executive with 20 years of experience at Sony Electronics.  She is originally from Tokyo, Japan and moved to the US to obtain an MBA. She has led newly created New Business Group since 2017 to launch unique and innovative technology products in the North America market in addition to heading up Corporate Marketing Group.  Michiko is a recipient of Sony’s Samurai Award, Leadership Award by San Diego Chamber of Commerce and Working Mother of the Year award.  She is passionate about supporting working parents, and promoting work/life balance. She is a mother of two boys and enjoys running 5K races and playing golf with them.

Check it out to meet the mother in business we are highlighting for the first time.