The mobile workforce is growing, and many hotels are trying to appeal to entrepreneurs and remote workers by turning their lobbies and underused areas into coworking spaces. But creating a great coworking space is about more than just adding a few extra workstations. Coworking facilities offer a range of accommodations and amenities, including reception areas, meeting rooms, conference rooms, private phone booths and video chat rooms, tech equipment, and kitchens—all designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile workers and help businesses run smoothly.


While it may be fun to have drinks with clients in a hotel bar, a private meeting space with a range of tech equipment available can help you accomplish more. Some hotels offer meeting rooms, but those found in coworking spaces are usually far superior. Here’s why:



Hotel meeting room rental fees are significantly higher than meeting room fees in coworking facilities. But the cost difference doesn’t stop there. In addition to the room fee, most hotels will charge you separately for everything from extension cords to whiteboards to projectors. And then there are service fees for set-up and breakdown, food and drink minimums, mandatory gratuities, and hotel taxes. Coworking spaces offer a much more affordable alternative, usually with standard equipment included in the rental price.  



When you hold a meeting in a hotel, you’re limited by time constraints. Hotels typically limit their room rental packages to all-day or a minimum of three to five hours. Coworking facilities offer hourly meeting room rates, so you don’t have to pay for more than you actually need. Coworking communities also offer a range of both formal and informal private rooms where you can meet with business partners or potential clients. So whether you need private phone booths for video chats or larger seminar spaces for staff trainings, you get both flexibility and a variety of options to suit your needs.   



Hotels excel at creating clean, comfortable home-away-from-home environments.  And while they may have an event team to oversee weddings and conferences, they don’t specialize in day-to-day business services. Coworking facilities are specifically created to serve entrepreneurs and mobile workers all day every day, and their staff members offer personal attention to help you conduct your business smoothly and efficiently.  



In most hotels, your catering options are either restricted to food and drinks supplied by the hotel or a tight list of hotel-approved vendors. When you host your meeting in a coworking space, you can bring in your own bagels or hire your favorite farm-to-fork caterer. This kind of flexibility gives you more options for impressing investors or treating out of town business guests.



Hotels are built for the pleasure and comfort of overnight guests, and the majority of their design efforts go toward guest rooms, entrance lobbies, and restaurants. Hotel meeting rooms, conference rooms, and business centers are usually lacking in natural light, comfortable furniture, and attractive design. The amenities and accommodations in coworking facilities provide comfort and aesthetic appeal for entrepreneurs and mobile workers, which can have a significant impact on productivity and creativity.


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