A home office or rented coworking space is fine for handling the day-to-day business of a start-up, small business, or entrepreneurial venture, but sometimes a larger space is necessary for special events like seminars or training sessions. And while you might focus more on planning the program and booking speakers, selecting the proper venue is just as vital to the success of your event.

Whether you expect five attendees or five hundred, the best venue will provide not only enough space and a fitting atmosphere, but also the resources and amenities you need to ensure your event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression. To get started in your search for an event venue, consider the following factors:


The number of expected attendees will narrow down your venue search results up front, as venues typically include capacity information on their website. Book a space with a capacity closest to your expected attendance, but if your attendee list is flexible and you need to account for no-shows or attendees who didn’t RSVP, err on the side of a larger space to ensure people aren’t cramped. 


Whether attendees are local or coming from out of town, try to choose a centrally located venue with ample, affordable parking. If the event is a multi-day affair, be sure to select a venue close to hotels and a variety of restaurants. As a bonus, you can select a location close to local attractions or points of interest, which can provide opportunities for company bonding or networking outside of the official event.

Space layout

The format of your seminar or training program will determine the floor layout you need. Panel discussions and projector presentations work well with lecture hall-style venues, while smaller classroom or conference room-style spaces are a great fit for training sessions. Other options you might need to consider include breakout rooms, a stage, networking areas, or dining space.


Don’t assume that all venues include furniture, equipment, and other resources you’ll need for a successful event. Some venues offer all-inclusive packages while others offer resources a la carte, including table and chair set-up, projectors and screens, microphones and speakers, and special lighting. It’s also important to inquire about WiFi access and electric outlets, especially if attendees will be using laptops or other devices.


Aside from ensuring you have all the equipment you need for your event, be sure to ask venues about additional amenities they provide. Full-day events are often catered, and the venue might provide its own catering services or contract out to specific vendors. Some venues also provide extras like notepads and pens, floral arrangements and other décor.


After taking all practical factors into consideration when choosing a venue, you should also consider intangible factors like atmosphere. The ambiance and décor of a venue can set the tone for your event, so if your meeting includes serious discussions, choose a space with few distractions and a polished, professional image. Conversely, if the event aims to inspire creativity and encourage bonding with your team, a more casual venue would work well. Every detail of the space from the style of furniture to the lighting will contribute to the atmosphere, which is why it’s important to tour the venue in person to get an accurate impression of the space. 

Event space at Synergy Centre CoWorks

Along with a variety of coworking spaces for rent, Synergy Centre CoWorks also offers a bright, inviting event space to host your seminar, training session, or other corporate event. Our event venue in Escondido can host up to 160 people comfortably, and it can be rented by the hour, the day, or the week. Amenities include fast and reliable WiFi connection, a communal kitchen for preparing refreshments, spacious common areas for lounging and networking, and conference room rentals for smaller meetings or breakout sessions. 

If you’re looking for a comfortable, professional, inspiring alternative to a hotel conference room or restaurant, Synergy Centre CoWorks is ready to host your corporate event. For more information or to schedule a tour, call us at (760) 993-3285.