It’s official. Coworking spaces have disrupted the traditional office space model. While there are several advantages for new and existing companies taking advantage of the trend, start-ups might find that creating a strong company culture within a shared space isn’t as easy to accomplish as it is for established businesses.

A coherent, effective company culture is an essential building block for any company, influencing everything from recruitment and retainment to employee morale. The good news is that creating and maintaining a strong company culture in a coworking space isn’t rocket science—all you need is a few key elements in place.

Post your mission statement in the workspace

A mission statement defines the goals and values that serve as the foundation to a company’s culture.  The first step to establishing a strong culture is to articulate what the company hopes to accomplish and the philosophy it will follow to achieve those goals. The ideal length and breadth of a mission statement should be concise enough to fit on a poster displayed in the office. However you decide to share your mission statement, it should be clear, motivational, and easy to understand and implement. 

Customize and personalize your office space

Many coworking spaces allow tenants to reconfigure their work area into a desk arrangement that provides optimal workflow along with collaboration opportunities for different departments. A customized desk set-up should also take into account equipment needs and accommodations for noise. Allowing employees to personalize their space with non-intrusive items like small plants and photos will not only add character to the shared work space, it will also help them to feel more connected to their work and the company at large.

Use meeting rooms and breakout spaces for conscious team-building

Regular meetings within a coworking space are essential to maintaining effective communication and ensuring everyone’s on the same page with specific projects and general company goals. The best coworking spaces will give you access to meeting rooms where you can gather your team on a regular basis for conscious team-building sessions. A weekly lunch or coffee break at a café within walking distance is also a great way to show your team appreciation while strengthening the bonds a cohesive company culture requires.

Use technology to communicate with your offsite team members 

A strong company culture relies on the easy flow of communication, especially for start-ups still in the process of working out the kinks of their business. Top-notch coworking spaces provide up-to-date technology that allows for communication with offsite clients and team members as well as those working onsite. Since culture depends on collective effort, use the technology available to bring everyone into the fold and allow your company culture to thrive regardless of where your clients and team-members reside. 

Brand your swag to stand out in the shared office space

Broad concepts like team-building, communication, and feedback provide an effective foundation for your company’s culture, but it can be further defined and promoted by smaller, concrete details, like a branded items that allow your company to stand out in a shared space. Examples include company logos on computer backgrounds and email signatures, along with mugs, water bottles, and even hoodies for employees to wear at the office. You can also use these items to promote your company culture from the get-go, offering a “swag bag” of branded items to new hires.

Find the space you need to build the team you deserve

Coworking space perks like free coffee and in-office gym equipment are great, but they only do so much to attract—or more importantly, retain—top-tier talent. A strong company culture that values employees as much as corporate aspirations is key to attracting and retaining employees who are invested in your success.

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