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Collaborative School of Entrepreneurship

We want our community to know there are business options to be explored in their lifetime. Synergy has created a program geared towards supporting adults and youth who want to explore entrepreneurship as a longterm career path, and gain the skills needed to be a successful small business owner. Synergy and the Collaborative School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) is partnering with the San Diego County of Education, JCC Schools, and the San Diego Code School in the creation of a entrepreneurial program for the community. In light of COVID-19 and community accessibility we have adapted the material in multiple formats: in person class, partially online, and fully online.

What you will find in our program:

  • Foundations of Small Business (include learning business planning) * CORE
  • Business Communications *CORE
  • Advertising, Social Media & Marketing as an Entrepreneur
  • Basic Accounting/Banking/Finance*CORE
  • Entrepreneurial Bookkeeeping
  • Business Law
  • Business Managment/Planning and Operations *CORE
  • Entrepreneurial Internship *CORE (this would be the course in which the student is placed in a company to gain commensurate experience with their entrepreneurial path either paid or unpaid)
  • Entrepreneurial E-Commerce Opportunities
  • Basic Coding Functions & Practicalities
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Protections
  • Important Entrepreneurial Sales Skills
  • Global Business Enterprises
  • Real Estate Law
  • Retail Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Organizational Hiring/Leadership (include the legalities in this area)

Who can benefit from the program?

Students that are looking to explore a new possibility once they graduate from school

Adults looking to transition careers
If you are looking to transition to becoming a small business owner this is for you.

Are you looking to get better at managing your business, and need resources and support? This program is for you.

This is a space where startups can learn the business necessities to run a successful and long lasting business.

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