Starting a small business out of a garage or spare bedroom is a quintessential American tradition that’s produced some of the most successful companies in history—think Microsoft and Amazon. But it’s no longer the only option for entrepreneurs and small businesses that are not ready to commit to commercial office space.

Modern flexible office spaces provide a base for new and growing businesses in a professional setting—for an affordable price. Instead of one company occupying a large office space, flexible office setups include desk and office space for individual entrepreneurs or small businesses, and offer several advantages over commercial leases and home-office setups. Here are some of the many benefits of the modern flexible office space:

Professional space and address

Most new businesses have to prove themselves to potential clients, and it’s hard to make a good first impression when scheduling meetings at coffee shops and taking calls in your kitchen with the neighbor’s dog barking in the background. Even receiving mail at a suburban address can reek of amateurism, but flexible office spaces offer a professional address, a professional setting for meetings and calls, and an overall sheen of legitimacy to your burgeoning small business.

Flexibility for growth

Commercial office leases require a one to five-year commitment, which many entrepreneurs are reluctant to make. Flexible office spaces, in contrast, are flexible month-to-month arrangements that can be expanded or contracted as needed. As soon as you need to bring on another employee, you can easily add a desk, and if you decide you need added privacy, you can move from a desk to a private office.

More amenities and fewer hassles

Memberships at flexible office spaces often include amenities like conference rooms (conference space for rent); event space; coffee and tea bars; access to office and audiovisual equipment like printers, projectors, and smartboards; and other items and services that help you run your business. Aside from such perks, flexible office spaces are also beneficial for what they don’t include: the hassles and complexities of signing a lease and setting up utilities. All you have to do is sign up, plug in, and start working.

Community and collaboration

Starting a small business from home can be a lonely venture, and for many people, isolation leads to lower motivation and productivity. Working within a flexible office space offers the social benefits of traditional office space, plus the added bonus of networking and collaboration, one of the key advantages of being surrounded by professionals from various industries. If you need to outsource services such as graphic design, marketing, or accounting, there could be someone ready to help just a few desks away.

Benefits for all business sizes

Flexible office space arrangements are not just beneficial for small businesses and start-ups. Many offer daily and weekly memberships, which are perfect for freelancers and professionals who don’t need consistent office space. And many large businesses with traditional office leases take advantage of flexible office space for worker overflow when additional space within their building isn’t available. Flexibility means a customized office situation for all companies, large and small.

Synergy Centre CoWorks offers all the benefits of traditional office space with no hassles

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who craves a professional setting without the hassles of a traditional office space lease, Synergy Centre CoWorks welcomes you. Our shared coworking space in the heart of Escondido offers a collaborative environment with the latest technology to help your small business soar. Give us a call today at (760) 781-1393 for more information or a tour of the facility.